What is toenail fungus infection?

Toe fungal nail infection, also known as “onychomycosis”, is a real and actual disease caused by microorganisms called “mycetes”. These can be fungi, molds or yeasts and find a fertile soil in warm and humid environments such as those present on feet. Experts estimate that nail fungi affect between 30% and 50% of the population; therefore, fungal nail infection is a fairly frequent phenomenon.

How to eliminate fungal nail infection?

The best thing to do is to intervene immediately against the fungus by applying an antifungal substance topically. On the market, there are uncomfortable polishes and ointments, however, from today on you can count on Fungus Plaster, the only plaster already soaked in “urea”. Urea is an organic chemical compound that is effective on 99% of fungal nail infection cases. Fungus Plaster acts on the fungus and defeats it favoring the development of a new nail.


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