Toe Nail Fungus And Age Factor

Toe nail fungus is more likely as we grow older, generally over the age of 40, but it can occur at any time. Doctors estimate the possibility of nail fungus at 10 percent by the age of the 60 and increasing significantly afterward. One factor that may contribute to the higher prevalence of nail fungus due to aging are weaker immune systems due to decreased blood flow that hinders the ability to detect and fight off viruses/infections. Growing older also means a longer lifespan – this increases the likelihood that you will come in contact with fungi resulting in a nail infection. Aging is perhaps one of the most common underlying reason for contracting nail fungus.

To recap, the following characteristics of aging contribute to nail fungus:

  • Poor circulation of blood
  • Exposure to fungi over time due to aging
  • Reduced rate of nail regrowth
  • Weaker immune systems

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Instructions for Use:

Have the affected part take a bath in warm water for about 10 minutes. Dry it carefully. Remove a disk from its transparent support and apply it directly on the nail. If the disc is larger than the mycotic nail, reduce it to the right size so as to cover only the surface to be treated. The disk can be easily cut. Use the occlusive plaster to fix and protect the disk. It is advisable to replace the disc and the plaster every day for a treatment ranging from 1 to 3 weeks and in any case until the mycosis is completely removed.

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