Fixing plaster material

The FIXING plaster is made from water-repellent and breathable TNT. TNT is a spunbonded non-woven fabric in 100% polypropylene, what is completely recyclable; in fact, companies specialized in this material regularly withdraw the trimmings and cuts that we do not use.

Spun bond is photodegradable and reusable. TNT is water repellent – permeable to air – easy to cut – soft – non-abrasive – non-toxic – non-allergic raw material.

Material: TNT, No-woven fabric, polypropylene
Skin color: beige
Thickness 0,22 mm (±15%)
Adhesive Acrylic Hypoallergenic adhesive
Solvent based hydrogenated resins
Natural rubber
Skin tolerability : hypo allergenic

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