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It’s time to treat your toenail fungus with the best, world patented technology. Fungus Plaster is the first antifungal medical plaster for toenail treatment. Fungus plaster made for the topical treatment of fungal toenail and fingernail infection.

The small disc contains urea, an organic chemical compound, which is the most effective substance against fungal infection, as it blocks its spreading. Urea 40% is indicated for psoriasis, xerosis, onychomycosis, ichthyosis, eczema, keratosis, keratoderma, corns, and calluses. If covered by an occlusive dressing, 40% urea preparations may also be used for nonsurgical debridement of nails. Urea 40% dissolves the intercellular matrix of the nail plate. Only diseased or dystrophic nails are removed, as there is no effect on healthy portions of the nail.

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